Simple Ways To Get Started


Do A Clean-up

It doesn’t take much more than a simple desire to get involved to start making an impact! With just a bag for trash and gloves for protection, you can clean up man made litter. It may sound like a small deed, but it’s a pretty big deal to the people and animals who are saved from ingesting plastics and poisons both directly and indirectly!


Volunteer With Local Orgs

Just bee a do-er!! With a little research, you will likely find other groups or individuals nearby that are doing meaningful work. Go volunteer, do good work, and develop relationships with the change-makers active in your community!


Plant Native Plants

Plant native plants wherever you are. Native plants provide habitat and food for the pollinators that live locally, and because plants find it easier to grow in their native ecosystems, you can avoid pesticides and fertilizers that damage the ecology. They also reduce erosion, absorb CO2, improve air quality, protect against flooding and so much more!


Engage With Local Government

Don’t underestimate the role that local government plays in your sustainable community, and don’t underestimate the power of your involvement! Show up for sustainable development, and make your voice heard! Find your allies in local government and ask how you can help!



Or, Start A Hive Near You!