Our Story


It all started with a Buzz...

In late 2012, IDEAS For Us leaders Chris Castro and Clayton Louis Ferrara set out to bring the same camaraderie and friendship found at IDEAS clubs on campuses since 2008 to the diverse Orlando community.

By February of 2013, a new collaborative learning model called The Hive was born and has since created numerous local action projects, leadership opportunities, and environmental awareness to the general public. The belief that communities can (and should) be empowered solve their own problems is core to what the Hive is about.

We are working hard to forward the Global Goals (SDGs) by catalyzing hyper-local action projects that are designed by the communities they are helping. We aim to touch as many of the targets and indicators as possible in accordance with the 2030 Plan of the UN. In 2014, The Hive Orlando launched a project to merge bicycle travel with urban agriculture centered on converting front lawns to Farmlettes. 

Through the dedication of many volunteers and The Solutions Fund donors, Fleet Farming (TM) was born and has since grown to become The Hive's first true proof of concept for developing Social Enterprises that achieve the Global Goals at the local level. Since then, the Hive has spread to communities all over the world, serving as a model to help ideate solutions to hyper-local sustainability issues. Each Hive directs its own destiny and serves its own unique community.