The Hive Orlando Thrives in its First Year

Since its inception on February 2013, the Hive has thrived in Orlando. Leaders from all across the Central Florida community have come together to cross-pollinate ideas and effectively execute environmental solutions in their own community.

What is the Hive?

‘The Hive’ is a community initiative of IDEAS For Us. A monthly Think/Do Tank aimed at addressing global challenges through local solutions to advance sustainability. The idea is to bring together leaders in the community and have them participate in breakout sessions at the Hive and come up with ways of educating, engaging, and empowering others. Orlando is home to the first Hive, but this model can be replicated anywhere. For more information on starting a Hive on your campus or in your community, please reach out to IDEAS at


IDEAS leader, Karine Guilbert produced a fantastic clip that details the workings of the Hive Orlando, check it out below.


During the Hive’s inaugural year, the model consisted of tackling a new pillar of sustainability every two months. In that time, an action project was developed by attendees to solve problems of either food, water, waste, energy, or ecology. An educational portion is also included during those brackets to further the knowledge of the leaders and increase awareness amongst the community.


The Hive Orlando timeline:

February-March 2013 (Ecology)

“Act-Up Wekiva”: 40+ leaders in Central Florida took action to remove trash and litter from the Little Wekiva River on a canoe clean-up expedition down a natural tributary of the greater Wekiva River.


April-May 2013 (Food)

“Take Root: Orlando”: A day of action organized to address local food poverty in the Orlando community, by working with the Parramore Community Garden to engage others in growing healthy, organic foods in a low-income community and educating about permaculture and grafting techniques for urban gardening.

June-July 2013 (Waste)

“Tote-al Recall”: In order to increase the awareness of the negative impacts that single-use plastic bags have on our dependence of fossil fuels, our waters, and aquatic species around the World, IDEAS leaders hosted 2 educational outreach events at Walmart Neighborhood Grocery and Orlando Brewery to raise awareness about the impacts of plastic bags, and provide solutions to customers by handing out old T-shirts we converted into reusable tote bags — a project we called “T-Totes”


August-September 2013 (Energy)

“Fossil Free Fridays”: Every Friday in August was dedicated to renewable energy and saying goodbye to fossil fuels. The Fridays included a roundtable event to discuss the state of our climate, a screening of the film SWITCH, an exclusive tour of the first solar farm in Orange County, and an eco-car show with some of the most fuel efficient and eco-friendly vehicles on the market.
“Draw the Line Orlando”: In conjunction with the national ‘Draw The Line’ day of action by, IDEAS leaders from all over Central Florida teamed up with the Critical Mass bike ride and assembled over 300+ bike enthusiasts who took to the streets to promote clean transportation and take a stand against the Keystone XL oil pipeline.


October-November 2013 (Water)

“Aquatic Planting Day”: This holiday organized and hosted by leaders from all across the state of Florida included educational discussions on real solutions to protect Florida’s water, the planting of native species around a local pond, and a visit from representatives of the Florida’s Water and Land Legacy campaign!


“Rally for Clean Water”: Following the first ever state-wide summit for clean water, held at the University of Central Florida, IDEAS leaders hosted a rally to educate, engage, and EMPOWER water quality activists from all over the state to demand clean water!

December 2013

“Solutions Showcase”: On Wednesday, December 11th, IDEAS leaders gathered at East End Market to recap a very successful year of solutions and environmental awareness. The evening featured guest speakers John Rife (owner of East End Market) and Dave Krepcho (CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida) as well as break-out sessions on how to improve on the Hive in 2014.


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– Ricardo Williams
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